Thursday, March 1, 2012

Modern Luv Photo Session

Mark Siano of Marxiano Productions in Seattle recently hired me to do some publicity photos for his show Modern Luv that will be opening on March 15 at the Triple Door theater. Find more information on the Modern Luv website.

Hillary, Madison, Kimberly, and Opal

I expected this session to be a bit of a challenge as we were going to have up to six actors in a shot in my small studio. But I knew that we could do it.

The lighting was a translucent v-flat to the left of the set providing a main light. This v-flat was 6 feet tall, made of one panel of white foam-core and the other panel of a tubular screen covered with a translucent film. There were two lamp heads in the flat bouncing off the white board and then firing through the translucent side like a giant soft box.

Fill light was another strobe head in a 11" reflector next to the camera. Background was white seamless paper with a white wall board as the floor for added durability. Those high heels weren't going to be very friendly to a paper floor!

Here is the final show poster, followed by additional photos of the cast:


David Swidler
Mark Siano
Opal Peachy
Kimberly Ann Durhan
Madison Greenlund
Hillary Gault

Can't wait to see the shows!

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  1. I just love what you did with them!! Fantastic looking images...lots of personality!!


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