Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Light, Gesture, Color

I just spent a great three days with photographer Jay Maisel. Lots of things still going through my head. I thought I'd jot down some of the things I got out of these wonderful days...

Figure and ground
Shape is the enemy of color
You can't step into the same river twice-stop and take the photo
Form over concept
No wallpaper
You're not as bad as you think
You're not as good as you think
Have lots of patience
Nothing's neutral. It either adds to or hurts the image.
Get in closer
No triangles in the corners
You are responsible for every square millimeter of the frame
Watch the edges
Everything has gesture--find good jesture
Forget the rules of composition
Make the image yours
Symbol vs anomoly
Interaction of colors alters the colors
Interruption of pattern
Boring or involving?
Accept Accidents
Don't get boxed in by preconceived ideas
If partially out of focus it competes
Out of focus foregrounds need to be completely out of focus so they become abstract elements
When you think you are done, do some more
Have an affect on the rest of your life
Learn to see better
Open your eyes
Carry a camera with you everwhere
Don't take the picture if it doesn't move you
Look behind you

Good photographers are blessed with the ability to extract passionate joy from things totally overlooked by most people

Shooting when you have nothing to say is worse than talking when you have nothing to say--In the first case you still have to go through the pictures at a later time

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