Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Martha Casanave Workshop in Coupeville, WA

Just a few weeks until Martha's "The Portrait and the Figure" workshop (June 14-17, 2007). I will be the class assistant for this workshop...

This four-day workshop will address the following issues: What exactly defines a portrait, and how is it different from the portrayal of the nude? What are the similar issues involved in both approaches? What are 'traditional' portrait and figure photography, and what are some alternative, non-traditional approaches? How is the relationship with your model affected by the exchange of money? Using readings, discussion and camera work with each other and nude models (male and female); we will explore topics such as helping sitters relax, posing, nonverbal communication, and the relationship between model and photographer. Casanave will present practical techniques for dealing with these issues, and will also demonstrate, using Polaroid materials, an on-location indoor environmental portrait. The class will build the portrait together, 'from scratch,' solving, one by one, the problems of natural lighting, composition, background, placement of subject(s), and posing. Anyone interested in photographing people is welcome to join this workshop; previous experience with this subject matter is not necessary, though a basic knowledge of photography is required.

Martha's bio is at:

Cost is $400 plus a $100 fee for the class models. But if you tell them I referred you to the class you can get a $20 discount.

http://www.coupevillearts.org/ or call them at 360-678-3396

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