Wednesday, November 24, 2010

More quotes...

Continuing posting of quotes about photography...

Andre Kertesz
On the F/64 Group:
"Their idea of art was to make everything technically perfect, everything sharp from foreground to background. Art was killed by super technique. Every detail that the eye never saw was revealed...In reality, your eye adjusts itself to the things you see. If you look at something close to you, then other things around it are not sharp. Or if you look at something far away, the things close to you are not sharp. A photograph should correspond to the reality of the way we see the world"

"Do what you like and what you FEEL. Liking something, of itself, is not enough"

"Intensity of feeling comes first; recording what we see is secondary. Many photographers can see, but seeing is superficial without the stimulus of feeling"

"Your photography should reflect what is truly interesting to you"

Duane Michaels
"There is no such thing as an innocent nude. The viewer still responds out of sexual curiousity"

"One of the things a photographer should talk about is the pleasure it gives him to photograph the nude"

"I like to use the body as a vehicle in a drama. I think the real strength of my work is in the establishment of tension in a relationship. Ultimately, photographs of the nude have more meaning when a second and a third layer of tension are revealed"

"I am very conscious of the use of gesture in my work. Paying attention to gesture is paying attention to detail"

Edward Weston
"We sweat and groan that we might buy tickets to have some other person dance for us when we should dance--or sing when we we should be singing"

Lucien Clerge
"The model has to be respected and celebrated"

"A model is equal to the artist. She expresses herself as well as we do with our medium"

Kim Weston
"Paramount that the model and photographer know what the finished piece should be. The model is not just a plug-in naked person, they are an integral part of the photograph"

More to come...

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