Thursday, November 18, 2010

Underwater Figure Photography

Underwater Figure Photography gallery slide show.

Mouse over the slide show to go full screen or to visit the gallery.

Thanks for taking a look!


  1. Gorgeous shots! Were they all done in the same pool, or were the dark background ones done somewhere else? Did you control the lighting? Do you have an underwater camera/housing, or were those shot through a window?

  2. Hi Zev. Good to see you here.

    All of these were done in the same pool. Some of them have a black backdrop suspended in the water, thanks to David Peterman. Light is all sunlight. I don't like mixing electricity with water. Luckily, Seattle has plenty of overcast days. And David has also constructed a canopy to use to diffuse the light on sunny days. I believe there is a mix of four different cameras in these photos. Two Canon point & shoot (S70 and G10) in housings. A Canon D10 waterproof p/n/s, and a Canon 5DmkII in a Ewa Marine "bag."


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