Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Quotes and Inspirations

Over the next few days I will be presenting a collection of some of my favorite quotes from photographers.

Manuel Alvarez Bravo:

"It isn't necessary that art be explained, its only necessity is to exist"

"When art is being made the artist is not conscious of his philosophy because he is not a philosopher"

"There is absolutely no reason for having a pre-determined theme in mind"

"I never know what I am going to do until the problem is in front of me, and then comes the resolution"

"In the moment of taking a picture, I have no idea of a title. It would be absurd to have a title in mind inasmuch as I am not pursuing an idea while photographing, but an image"

"The titles are suggested by the image, as the image is suggested by the person being photographed"

"The photographer should always be seeing something"

Henry Callahan

"I wanted to photograph the person for whom I had feelings. It wasn't enough to just photograph a nude"

Lucien Clerge

"In working with a nude the process of creation is something that cannot be predicted"

"YOu have to be responsive to what the model brings you. The models are not objects. They are real people, who with a single gesture, can convey a special feeling"

"Many of my most important lessons have been derived from sculpture. Laurens, Renoir, Maillol, Lipchitz, and Rodin are among those whose sculpture is so important to the photographer of the nude"

"(I) start with the navel (center), and work outward in triangles and circles. Each part of the body has its own life, each woman is different"

"When I am photographing the nude I am completely content. It is never work. Both the model and I may be exhausted at the end of a picture-taking session, but it is a good kind of exhaustion"

More quotes tomorrow...

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