Saturday, February 12, 2011

Naked Girls Reading

Yes. It is just what it sounds like. Started in Chicago about 2 years ago, Naked Girls Reading now has a few chapters around the world. One of them is here in Seattle, hosted by Polly Wood, Heidi Von Haught, Jesse Belle-Jones, and Elsa Von Schmaltz. They also bring in guest readers for each event, such as Trixie Little, Belle Cozette, Fuchsia Foxxx, and others. Readings happen every other month at Oddfellow's Hall on Capitol Hill. Click on their link above for additional info.

This past week was a Valentine's themed show, Love Stinks, with Belle Cozette as the guest reader. The featured book was Philosophers Who Failed At Love by Andrew Shaffer. Here are some images from the reading:

Polly Wood and Jesse Belle-Jones

Belle Cozette
Belle Cozette and Polly Wood
Heidi Von Haught

Coming up: All Clowns Are Not Bozos III, Tony Comito's "That's Impossible" magic show, burlesque at the Sky Lark, The Bobs, SANCA, and more...

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