Monday, February 21, 2011

Caela and the Dangerous Flares

Had a busy weekend here, culminating with a photo session for Caela and the Dangerous Flares. Here are images from the session, which had a number of wardrobe and background changes.

The lighting, however, remained pretty much the same. It consisted of 4 or 5 lights. The "main" light was a 60" umbrella to camera left, about even with the subjects. That was augmented by two strip lights from each side of the rear of the set for edge light. Front light was from a Paul Buff 86" silver PLM with a Speedotron head plus an Alien Bees ring light. I stood with the PLM behind me, about 14 feet from the subjects, and the ring light on the camera. Camera was a Canon 5D mkII with a 24-105 lens. Speedotron lighting, except for the ring light.

Here are more examples...

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