Saturday, April 30, 2011

I'll Get That Myself

Another grand day at CreativeLIVE with Zack Arias. One big take away from this is how down to earth Zack is. No pretense. Willing to share everything... "We all walk on shoulders, everything I know I learned from somebody else."

Assisting on this workshop has been different. Almost every time I step up to move something, Zack says, "I'll get that myself." He isn't afraid to get his hands dirty or to lift some heavy equipment. As I said, very down to earth.

Today's lesson? Eyes to the light! As my friend Rolando Gomez says, "the lens is your friend and the light is your friend. Keep your subject's face somewhere between the lens and light" for a flattering light. Turn the other way and you may go into shadow. Some people can look in either direction, but most should turn their "eyes to the light!"

And now for some photos from today's workshop...

Nikko and Celeste
Kenna and Susan and Susan and Kenna
Zack and Samara





 Now to get some rest and prepare for the final day...

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