Sunday, May 15, 2011

Penny, Day 3. Just time for a few photos

I'll try to write up some views of this past weekend with Penny De Los Santos at CreativeLIVE over the next few days. Need sleep tonight (not to mention some time with family). Just let me say that it was a wonderful weekend. Lots of emotions in there with Penny and the students. I think it really came through in the last 2 hours of the class.

If you don't know about CreativeLIVE yet, you need to. I've met some amazing people there, and have seen some lives really changed.

And the photos from today...

wrapping up class after the cameras were off 
Jim (Jenna?) and Susan
Class Photo

Breaking Bread


More Oysters!

Get the detail shots!

Working in close in the Skillet trailer

Oyster bake

Plates in the rain

Special Delivery

How the day started out. Sweet Seattle Sunshine!

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  1. Gorgeous photos John John! I especially love the one of Jim/Jenna & Susan! ; ) Nice wig!

    That's right - creativeLIVE, changing lives one artist at a time! or maybe thousands at a time....


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