Saturday, May 14, 2011

Penny De Los Santos at Creative Live day 2

Had a great/busy day assisting Penny De Los Santos on day two of a three day photography, food blogging, and culture workshop at CreativeLIVE.

Today we did a half-dozen or so studio food setups, citrus ingredients, lamb kabobs, noodles, mussles, and more. Everything went smoothly with tethering Penny's (and some of the students') cameras to Lightroom. Penny was a joy to work with. As I was assisting on the set, I only had a few opportunities to take some photos with the iPhone. Here are some behind the scenes images from today...



Repititions for Craig

Tools for making reflectors and flags

Penny & Celeste go over the schedule for the next day


  1. Wonderful photos , i love the detail shots and the silhouettes too

  2. Your pictures are the best of the weekend! And they really help me realize that editorial/photojournalistic type photos are my favorite.

  3. Thanks! Working on the set I don't get much chance to take photos, but I just need to pull out the iPhone once in a while. Just in my blood to take a few photos.

  4. Nice photos, John. I was there at the class, too -- watching from my home in Mexico. What an incredible experience! It might have changed my life, and it certainly will change my blog.

    Too bad the frites got pushed aside in favor of naan -- your photos show that they would have been just fine in the shoot.


  5. It was also about the timing on the frittes. They weren't browning in time to make it into the shot. My shot was taken on the food stylists table after we had already moved on to another setup.

  6. these are beautiful! so neat to have watched all that went on last weekend, you were an amazing help to penny, i could tell :) aloha!


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