Sunday, June 5, 2011

Head Shot Fun

I finished up last month getting to photograph a couple of wonderful actors, Heidi and Elke. Both very fun to work with and willing to let me experiment with some lighting solutions. For Heidi, I started out with a ring light flash, then moved to a beauty dish setup, and finished up with a combination of medium softbox and beauty dish. Those came out looking like this...

Alien Bees Ring Light 85mm lens
Beauty Dish 85mm lens
Softbox and Beauty Dish 135mm lens
The next day brought a session with Elke that you can see below. For these I used a 24x36" softbox for the portrait and first t-shirt image. Then moved to the Alien Bees 80" silver PLM for the processed image. And back to a softbox for the photo of Elke's new tattoo.

Softbox 135mm lens
Softbox 24-105mm lens
Alien Bees Silver PLM 24-105mm lens
Softbox 24-105mm lens

Call or email me if you are in need of new head shots!

All photos on this post taken with a Canon 5DmkII camera with a 85/1.8, 135L/2.0, or 24-105L/4 IS lens.

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