Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rosemary out of the water

Last week I posted some underwater photos of a new model I met named Rosemary Timmons. In that post I said I hoped to be able to do some studio work with her. Later in the week I had the great fortune to meet a makeup artist named Kerrin Birchenough. And I was somehow miraculously able to schedule a photo session with both Rosemary and Kerrin for this afternoon. Some weeks the stars all come together. Or maybe it was the full moon...

This is going to be a 2-part blog. Here I will first show the images from the session and then I'll post another entry showing behind the scenes and talking about the lighting setups.

As I mentioned last week, Rosemary is signed up with Heffner Management here in Seattle. Kerrin is working on getting a website up and running, contact me directly if you want contact information for Kerrin. I'm going to start off the images with a couple of "before" photos taken when Rosemary initially arrived at the studio.

 I handed things over to Kerrin to get started on hair and makeup while I made some changes to my initial lighting plan. I'll cover more in the followup, but the basic setup here is a Westcott 7-foot white parabolic umbrella overhead and slightly in front of the model and a small Westcott strip light overhead behind the model, facing directly forward (not angled down). The two before photos above have the strip box to the camera right. That's what I changed while makeup was being applied. I also used an Alien Bees ringlight for some and a flash head with a 10-degree grid or a narrow snoot for a couple.

Ring light added with black background
Modeling lamps only with a 90mm
Tilt/Shift lens to throw the mouth
out of focus
The overhead umbrella, reflector, and
strip light from behind
Same lighting as above
Same as above
Ring light in addition to the above
This one uses the ring light, but
instead of shooting through it,
I moved it off to the side (camera
left) to give some directionality
to the light.
Back to shooting through the ring light

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