Monday, June 25, 2012

Flash Modifiers In Use

A couple of weeks ago I posted about testing some flash modifiers. That was part of my preparation for an event I was going to be photographing this past weekend, the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival (SEAF). I decided on using the Large Rogue Flash Bender and Diffuser from ExpoImaging. But I didn't use the flash on camera. Instead I handheld the flash with my left hand while operating the camera with my right. The flash was attached to the camera with the Canon off-shoe flash cord. This let me place the Flash Bender more like I would position a softbox. I think it worked pretty well for the event. Here are a few sample images of portraits of people in the crowd...


  1. Did you shoot ETTL or Strobist-style manual?

  2. Depends on the situation. For these photos, camera is in manual to control ambient light and flash is in ETTL. If the lights were on stands and the subject was set in a specific place, I'd be on manual flash, and would also probably be using bigger lights.


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