Sunday, June 3, 2012

More from cL with Lindsay Adler

On Friday Lindsay Adler said something that really resonated with me. It was a very simple, yet effective, way to describe light and how it falls off/disperses. One of the better/easier descriptions of the inverse square law. She was talking about how having a light in closer concentrated the light. Moving it away would spread it out more. And then she described it perfectly. Light from a lamp is like a bucket of water. If you throw the bucket of water at someone a foot away it will all be concentrated in one spot. But if you back up a few feet and throw water from the same bucket it will cover them from head to toe. In both cases you threw the same amount of water, but the area of coverage was very different. Wonderful description. Thanks, Lindsay! Sorry we never got a chance to do a quick video of Lindsay throwing water at me. Guess we'll have to bring her back to Seattle again for another class at creativeLIVE.

Today was a wild and crazy day in the studio. We had all six students build sets to match their mood boards. And they each had only about an hour, with Lindsay spending about 15 minutes with them live online. Pressure! And they all did wonderfully.

Here are my iPhone recollections of the day. I only got to photograph on the two daylight sets this time. The "boat and bottle" set was done by Samantha Smith. The ballerina was set up by Romonia Isaac.

To finish things up, a great quote from cl viewer, Clyde Etienne, that sums things up so well:
Dear Creative Live Management and Crew,

Thank you so much for the given opportunity for me to learn about the photography art, culture and business. This demonstrates lots of courage and vision to let all of the world watch this for free in these times of bad world economy. I could never raise the airfares, hotel costs, spare time to visit all of the classes I enrolled.

Being an entrepreneur I know (and can imagine) how much work it must take to let the podcast, workshops, tutors, hosts, workflow SEEM so effortless. This time, with Lindsay Adler, the homework was a great assignment, gave the whole experience more depth. And her little mumbling remarks are hilarious. She is so funny.

Thank you all so much. You enrich me as an artist, my life and the new direction I now dare to take, because of all you hard working professionals.


Thanks, Clyde!


  1. It was delightful reading your short review of part of Lindsay's workshop, John. I was so sad to say goodbye(online)and I couldn't possibly purchase a 4th workshop. I still have 3 others to study.

    So I had to restrict myself and say no but sad to do it.

  2. Understood! Please feel free to ask questions about the things we did.


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