Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Blast From The Fast

In a few past blog posts I've mentioned a TV show I was on in the mid-80s called World of Photography. Unfortunately, I had not been able to find a copy of it to share and I long-ago lent out my VHS copy and never got it back.

WNEW FM Calendar Cover I created and
featured on World of Photography TV

Well, I'm happy to be able to tell you that a number of videos from different photographers, including me, have been uploaded to World of Photography TV's YouTube channel.

You can find my episode, along with some of my favorites from Dean Collins, Al Fisher, Buddy Endress, David M. Kennedy, Jan Cobb, Steve Taylor, Dieter Cohn, Barry Seidman, Walter Wick, Gregory Heisler, Terry Heffernan, Roseanne Rubenstein, Walter Swarthart, and more. Check the channel link above to see all of the videos available.

Check them all out. Most are 7 minutes or less. It is fun to see how much (or maybe how little) has changed in studio photography in the past 25 years.

For me, this feels like the beginning of a long journey that has brought me cross-country from New York to Seattle and into the studios of creativeLIVE where I've presented a couple of workshops and have helped out with many others.

Just hope that no one notices that I'm wearing a tie and no bandana in the video...

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