Friday, March 23, 2007

Busy night!

Started out with dinner with Mom and Kim. Then I went off to photograph a show, and Mom and Kim went food shopping. Then I got a message from Simon telling me to call Kim ASAP. OK, something's up..., doesn't sound good.

Mom isn't feeling well. Pain and discomfort. Can't really describe it. I want them to go to the hospital (I'll meet them there). They want me to come home. They win out. I go to Mom's house and then they decide that the hospital is the place to go. Three hours of testing, standing around, more tests, etc. Everything seems to check out OK. Pain has gone away. But I'm glad we got her to go to the hospital and be checked out.
This happened once before, a few years ago. I attributed it to indigestion. And today mom is thinking that maybe it was a reaction to the yogurt she had for lunch. We'll send her off to her regular doctor and keep an eye on her.

Once we got her home I went back to the theater to let folks know why I ran out so abruptly as the show was about to start and to let them know she seems to be OK. Mom is one of the "Door Babes" at the shows and has a lot of friends there.

As for the show, I got to take in most of the second half with the Bobs, Iman, the Canote Brothers, Frank Olivier, and a few others.

Tonight it is off to the Burlesque shows at the ACT Theatre. Tomorrow night I'm in the band at the Hale's Paladium shows. See you there...

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