Friday, March 16, 2007

Moisture Festival 2007 begins!

The 2007 Moisture Festival in Seattle got off to a great start last night. I got to play keyboards on a few songs and spent the rest of the evning photographing the show.

One of the festival organizers, Ron Bailey (RB), celebrated his 60th birthday with a cake presented by the Flordigan Can-Can girls...

The vaudeville tradition is to "pie" a performer on stage on their birthday. But anticipating this, Ron pied himself, taking a handfull of cake and smearing it across his face as his daughter, Caela, looked on (Caela is the lead singer of the Dangerous Flares)...

The festival runs for the next two weeks at Hales Paladium in Fremont with four burlesque shows at the Act Theatre on March 23 and 24. More info available at

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