Sunday, November 6, 2011

Alison Marra Yoga

This past week I got to work with a Seattle-based yoga instructor named Alison Marra.

Alison teaches at Mountain Flow Yoga in Madrona and I Love Hot Yoga of Greenlake. She is working on setting up her own web site.  (UPDATE, Alison's web site is now up and running).

The studios listed above describe her like this...

Building upon a background in gymnastics and dance, Alison felt an instant connection with Vinyasa Yoga after being introduced to the style while attending college. Yearning for a deeper understanding, she received her 200-hour instructor certification from CorePower Yoga in 2007. Today, she guides students through a Vinyasa-style practice that focuses on core strength and flow to build a solid practice based on strength and spirit. Placing emphasis on linking breath with movement, this style of yoga heals, detoxifies, develops endurance, and exhilarates the body and mind. In addition, Alison often teaches sport-specific yoga classes to athletic teams around Seattle through Jasyoga Athletica. 

For this session we created a set of 7 main photos and a few extras...

Warrior II
Side Plank with Yogi Toe Hold
Forearm Balance with Backbend
Bird of Paradise
Standing Splits

Technical info: Canon 5D mkII with 24-105 lens. Five light set up: 12x48 strip box to camera left, 22" beauty dish with 40-degree grid to camera right, 10x35 strip light overhead from behind as a hair light, standard 7" reflector with 10-degree grid at camera to fill in Alison's face, and standard 7" reflector with a 20-degree grid and color gels for the background. All lights by Speedotron. All processing in Adobe Lightroom.

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