Thursday, October 20, 2011

creativeLIVE with Rick Sammon

I've spent most of the past two days at the creativeLIVE studios here in Seattle doing prep work with photographer Rick Sammon for his 3-day FREE workshop this weekend.

The view on Camera 1
Above we see Rick talking to BehindTheLive's Susan Roderick in preparation for the workshop. Below he talks to Kenna Klosterman about his favorite business books (watch the workshop to get the titles). And then we finished the day with some photos to use on the creativeLIVE web site. Speaking of which, check out the new discussion forum on the site. And watch the video that was being filmed when I took some of these photos, I might show up in there at around the 5 minute mark, and again at around 25 minutes in...

Rick loves to teach
More to come as the weekend progresses. See you online!


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