Monday, October 10, 2011


A few weeks ago I attended a workshop about using ZenFolio for presenting images for viewing and selling. One of the sessions was an inspirational talk by a photographer named Julie Watts. She had great stories about her becoming a photographer and a new product she developed called PhotoPantz for women photographers.

One thing she said really struck me. She showed a beautiful photo of her local bank teller and said that she saw the woman and knew she had to photograph her, so she went up and asked. Well, all during Julie's presentation I kept thinking to myself that Julie would make a great pin-up model. She had a great face and a wonderful red curl in the front of her hair. Normally, I would see someone I want to photograph and I'd let them just walk on by. I'm too shy to approach strangers about taking their photo. But Julie just told me to go up and ask. So I did. And she said, SURE!

We emailed back and forth for a couple of days and set up a date for the photos. She had some great outfits in mind, and I got my infamous prop closet in order and here are some of the photographs we made that evening...

I'm looking forward to the day that you come over and pick out some props for your special photo session. You will have great fun!


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  1. This session was a real kick, John! It was fantastic to have you take my advice about approaching someone and turn it around on ME! haha


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