Sunday, October 23, 2011

Rick Sammon at creativeLIVE Day 3

As usual, at the end of day three of a creativeLIVE workshop I'm too wiped out to write much. But still have photos to share from behind the scenes.

This time I'll start our with one of the last photos of the day in the studio. This is only a part of the full crew. Here we see students, camera operators, sound technicians, production assistants, chat hosts, Rick, Myself, Craig, Kenna, Susan, and the two people who really keep the whole thing together, Celeste the producer, and Nikko, who's job title is Nikko because he does so many things.

Today we got to take some photos, play some music, teach some concepts, talk to Catherine Hall, take more photos, and go out for dinner where Rick entertained us with magic tricks.

Rick Sammon posting to Google+
Mic-ing up the students
Adam being Adam
A new look for Jacob
Wonder what Sammonism is being discussed here
Adam explains the camera angles
Celeste trying to fly away
Butterfly lands on Kenna's hand
The Power Trio (see/hear us on YouTube)
Thanks to kaylyn for taking this group photo
Thanks to the remote trigger for taking this group photo
View from the ground during another group photo
Celeste signals us that we're all clear and off the air
Craig watching a magic trick
Celeste participates in a magic trick
Pick a card, any card...
Next up at creativeLIVE is Matthew Jordan Smith. I look forward to seeing you there! But before we leave for the night, one more photo of Rick after 3 days of non-stop action packed photography classes...


  1. Fabulous behind the scenes photos John! THANK YOU for all of the teaching you did alongside Rick this weekend. You're our creativeLIVE go to guy and then some!

  2. I love these John....the 85mm 1.8 looks like a great lens. Great BTS shots. I love 'em! Thanks for sharing, John!

  3. loved every minute of being there... and you are a gem! you are the temple of knowledge ... thanks for sharing!


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