Monday, March 7, 2011

Creative Live and Vincent Laforet day three - cutaway shot

I almost forget to go over one more set we had for the workshop. We had another female actor in to play the part of the wife on the phone and we filmed some cutaway scenes of her talking on a telephone.

I only got a chance to take a quick phone camera photo of one of the in-studio monitors:

For this scene we set up a black duvateen flag as the background and lit the actor with a 400w Bron HMI light (see the documentary post for info about this light) directly from the the front of her (camera left). We also added a Litepanel (see the narrative post for info about this light) directly behind her to add a little fill to her ear and the telephone she was holding.

Pretty simple, but very powerful look. Thanks so much to Shyn Midili at Freakishly Beautiful for the makeup and to Lorraine ONeal for the wardrobe.

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