Thursday, March 24, 2011

Moisture Festival 2011 underway!

The 8th Annual Moisture Festival has started. Last night brought a mixture of new faces and old friends. There are around 40 more shows to go, so get your tickets soon.

Here is a sampling from Wednesday, March 23 at Hales Paladium. Friday, March 25 starts the shows at the ACT Theater in downtown Seattle. Burlesque shows on Friday and Saturday and two Grand Varieté shows on Sunday. Hales shows continue through the weekend, too. So no excuses.

Artist bios available on the Moisture Festival site.
Daredevil Chicken Club
Daredevil Chicken Club
Neon Man (Henrik Bothe)
Michael Trautman
Master Payne
April McMorris (The Cabiri)
Eric Schwartz
Alisa Popova (The Cabiri)
Sirens of Serpentine
Jan Damm

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