Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Jay Maisel Documentary

A fried just pointed out this video from 2009 to me. It is wonderful.


Jay Maisel was an early influence (along with Pete Turner, Ernst Haas, etc.) on me. Love his work. I also agree with Greg Heisler's comment near the end, but still love the guy.

Favorite quotes from Jay in this piece:

"I go out as unprepared as possible so I can get filled up with what the world has to offer"

"Gesture is the thing that gives everything its intrinsic character"

"Pain is not a conduit to art or joy"

If you get a chance to take a workshop with Jay please go for it. He may tear you down, but you will be strongly influenced and think about things he said every time you pick up a camera in the future. I was lucky to meet Jay twice at Art Wolfe's studio in Seattle.

Big thanks to Sam Garcia of Nikon for making Jay pick up the digital camera!

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