Saturday, March 12, 2011

Moisture Festival (take 8)

Seven years ago I took some photographs to promote an upcoming new vaudeville and varieté festival called the Moisture Festival. Little did we know that this show which started in a circus tent in a parking lot in Fremont (Seattle, WA) would quickly grow to be one of, if not the largest vaudeville festivals in the world.

I don't remember how many shows we did the first year. I was in one of the house bands at that time and didn't take photos of the shows. I think it went for two weekends. This year it goes for almost a month and has more than 50 shows spread out through 4 venues.

The 8th Annual Moisture Festival kicks off this week on Thursday night. Instead of showing photos of the shows, I picked out some of my "Faces of the Moisture Festival" backstage photos of performers, staff, and volunteers to share.

The shows all sell out each year, so hurry to get your tickets.


Shanghai Pearl
Caela and Christina

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