Saturday, July 9, 2011

Gale Tattersall at CreativeLIVE day 2

Very busy/full day at CreativeLIVE today with Gale Tattersal. No time to bring out the big camera. Too busy setting lights, flags, scrims, redheads, blonds, etc., etc. Fun day! But only had a chance to pull out the iPhone for a few photos.

Really enjoying listening to Gale. Learning so much. Good discussions about the history of making films in Hollywood, on how our eyes see (people, colors), how light falls off (inverse square), Kelvin degrees, micro-reciprocal degrees, clothespins, gloves, etc. Enjoying the rewatch right now as I write this.

Excited to see what tomorrow brings. New set. Different lighting. Lots of learning.

Cookie (cucoloris). 3 or 4 folks on the
crew got to attack this to create the
look of light filtering through trees.
Students gather around to see the difference
between a standard video camera and a dSLR
The psychologist's office
And a few more images from Day 1...

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