Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day with Mikey and Andy

Andy and crew arriving at the Market
This is the big weekend of Lighten Up and Shoot at CreativeLIVE. I hope you are getting a chance to watch the free live stream going on this weekend.

Mike and Andy have been putting on a great class about getting out and taking photos, concentrating on the experience, rather than the technicalities. As their name says, Lighten Up and Shoot! Last night I had the pleasure to accompany Mikey, Andy, students and staff folks from CreativeLIVE as we headed to the Pike Place Market and Victor Steinbruck park for an evening of photography.

We got a chance to approach strangers to ask them to be photographed. And we also had people come up to us and ask to be photographed. Great experience for all involved. Here are some photos from the evening...

Behind The Live's Kenna
Fran at the Market
Everyone seems to do this at the infamous Gum Wall
Christian Jacobson, Market Ghost Tour leader
Mikey gets his point across
Tonya from Poprock Photography
Amber seems to have fallen into a hole!

Below are two photographs showing the set up for a couple of images by Fran and Kenna that were shown during the class on Saturday.


One more day left in the FREE workshop. If you've missed the first two days you can purchase the full video of all three days for $99 until the end of the workshop on Sunday evening. After that the price goes up.

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