Sunday, July 24, 2011

Getting ready to LIghten Up and Shoot

Andy and Mikey from Lighten Up and Shoot are in town (Seattle) this week getting ready for a 3-day free online workshop at CreativeLIVE on Fri, Sat, and Sun.
Yesterday and today have been two of those perfect days in Seattle and we went around to people we found on Craig's List, some garage sales, and some thrift stores to start picking up inexpensive and free props for use in the workshop. The idea is to show folks that you don't need to spend a lot of money to build a set for your photographs.
Negotiating to purchase an organ
After dropping off some of our treasure at CreativeLIVE we headed out to a wonderful dinner at The Skillet restaurant. You might remember their food truck from the Penny De Los Santos workshop.
Andy, Craig, and Mikey outside the CreativeLIVE studio
From there we regrouped and did some prop "shopping" in my basement, and then headed out to a wonderful dinner at The Skillet diner. You might remember the Skillet food truck that was part of the Penny De Los Santos weekend a couple of months ago.

After that we visited the Photo Center Northwest's 24-Hour Long Shot celebration to finish up a long day.
Mikey gets photographed with a
tiny Rollieflex digital camera
And turns around to take a portrait of the camera
I happend to look down as we were standing around
talking outside the Photo Center
Always nice to run into Tonja Gabryshak
Andy, Susan, Kim, and Mikey
On Sunday morning, I headed out to the Ballard Farmer's Market to photograph some people on the street.
Buskers at the Ballard Farmer's Market
This guy was an amazing slide guitarist.
Great tone and style. I tossed some money
in the hat, but totally forgot to find out
more about him.

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