Saturday, July 16, 2011

Trip to Sequim

I got carried away with the animal photos in my previous post, but they were only a small part of our trip to Sequim. We really went to celebrate Kim's birthday and to visit the Lavender Festival.

I took a few photos of fields of lavender and decided that I really wanted a more "impressionistic" view of the fields. I accomplished this by not using a tripod, and by going for longer exposures where I moved the camera (up and down or sideways, or in circular motions) during the exposure.

Here is a more "straight" version of the above scene for comparison...

After the lavender fields we headed out to the Dungeness Spit as viewed from the Three Crabs restaurant...

The last two images are from the ride home. The view of the road in my side view mirror. And a passing ferry...

I'm in the process of making images from the blog available as prints. Check them out!

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