Friday, December 3, 2010

Day Two with Jeremy Cowart

I managed to take a few photos with my iPhone during today's class with Jeremy Cowart at Creative Live.

We start "behind the scenes" with makeup. I need to get the makeup artist's name and will update this post when I have that.

Then a shot of the students in the live audience...

Here we are setting up a shot with this mylar "fabric" and iridescent plastic that we got at Display And Costume in Seattle.
Two more "action" shots

And the trampoline shot that we never got to do. Always hold out something for the next time!

The last two days have been great. I got to see some of the chat comments about me. One of the "funniest" ones for me was someone who asked how long Jeremy and I have worked together. 2 days. We met on Wednesday when we went out shopping for the fabrics, holiday lights, and glitter. First shots together were those live on the air on Thursday morning.

Truth be told, it has been about 25 or 26 years since I last assisted a photographer (back in New York, working for Jeff Morgan). But it all came right back. I had a great time and thank the Creative Live folks for inviting me to be part of this great workshop.

Thanks also to Nikki Graziano, Tegra Neuss, and AJ for for all their work on camera, lights, and computer. The best team!

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