Thursday, December 2, 2010

No pictures today

Whew! Quite a day. I got to play first assistant to Jeremy Cowart in his Experimental Portraiture class live on the internet on CreativeLive's site. That kept me running all day. And we had to have our phones off to avoid interference with the wireless microphones, so not even any iPhone photos.

One more day of FREE online class with Jeremy on Friday, Dec 3, from 10am to 5pm (pacific time). Join us. If you missed today, you can purchase the entire class on video for a discount if you purchase by the end of the day.

Today we played with TTL (through the lens) where we photographed the image of our models on the ground glass of an old camera. Then we took a few shots on white seamless paper. Then we moved on to a larger set with 4 models and 6 lights (including one firing in from outside a window).

Tomorrow we're going to really have fun with props and costumes on some more elaborate sets. Off to try to get a little more sleep than I got last night. Maybe I'll get to take a photo or two tomorrow. Look for me on your computer!

And don't forget that Saturday is Help-Portrait day.

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