Sunday, December 5, 2010

Finishing up the week

It is Sunday! I thought I would get to sleep in today. But, no. My body must have realized that all I ate yesterday was a breakfast sandwich and cold pizza for lunch. It wanted food. So awake I am.

Yesterday finished off an intensive three days. You've read about the first two days assisting Jeremy Cowart at Creative Live. The third day was Help-Portrait. I was part of a team that photographed at an event at WellSpring here in Seattle. We were set up from 10am til 2pm and during this time I photographed 71 individuals and families (375 photos taken). I think I overwhelmed our three editors/printers with memory cards, but they were able to keep up and make a lot of folks very happy.

While I cannot show you the photos of the families, I can share some photos of the crew as we set up...

Henry was one of our fantastic editor/printers keeping things rolling along.
This photo of me was taken by a young boy (around 5 years old) after I took his photo. He was our first "customer" and was kind of shy, so I asked him to take my photo. I hope he remembers this moment like I will.

UPDATE! Connie Brinkley took a photo of the boy taking my photo that I just added below. Thanks, Connie!!

Below is the photo Danny was taking of me
Here are some photos from the main Seattle event that I went to after our morning event

Here is Jeremy Cowart thanking the crew at the end of the day. And we all send out a big THANKS!! to Jeremy and Annie for coming out to Seattle.

If you would like to get involved with Help-Portrait, please visit their national website.

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