Thursday, December 16, 2010

More PLM photos

Nothing to compare this time, just some examples to look at. I took the PLM to my office today and we played around with it in a camera club meeting. These were taken with a Speedotron 805 pack and 102 head with the 84" PLM. These are all without the diffuser except for the last image. The camera was a Canon 5DmkII with the 70-200 f/4 L IS lens. The PLM is approximately 16 feet from the subjects, I am standing in front of the PLM. Background is white seamless, just a short distance behind the subjects.
This gives an idea of the size of the PLM
f/5.6, strobe power lowered down

f/13, full power (800ws)

f/13, full power

f/14, full power

Looking into the PLM, f/22, 0.3 seconds, lens zoomed during exposure
f/32, 0.5 seconds, lens zoomed   

f/5.6, with diffuser

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